1. Victor Serge talk tonight at The New School

    Tonight at The New School (Wollman Hall, Eugene Lang Building, 65 W.11th St., 5th Fl.) at 6pm, Ken Wark, Ross Poole and Michael Taussig will be talking about the life and work of Victor Serge in honor of the publication of our edition of Memoirs of a Revolutionary, the first time the complete text has been published in English. For all event details go here.

    Serge led a truly amazing life: becoming involved as a very young man in the socialist and then anarchist movements in his native Belgium; continuing his work in Paris editing the anarchist journal L’Anarchie and sentenced for five years for his connection the Bonnot Gang; moving to the newly born Soviet Union in 1918  (he was exchanged for anti-Bolshevik French citizens arrested there) where he worked for the Third International, studied the Tsarist police archives, and was sent to Germany to foment revolution; joining the Left Opposition headed by Trotsky and working hard to publicize their ideas; being arrested and sent to exile in Orenberg for three years under Stalin; returning to Belgium where he communicated and worked with Trotsky and the POUM (anarchist) movement in the Spanish Civil War; and finally sailing to Mexico where he spent the remainder of his days writing.

    During all this he was able to write many novels in French, three of which NYRB Classics has published. No wonder Susan Sontag called him “one of the most compelling of twentieth-century ethical and literary heroes.” If his life and work intrigues you come to The New School tonight and learn more.