1. 'Style is the Man' - Clive James on Dwight Macdonald

    As with all great essayists, his writing had a poetic component, but it was a poetry cleansed of poeticism. No modern American prose writer of consequence ever postured less: compared with him, Mary McCarthy is on stilts, Gore Vidal grasps a pouncet-box, and Norman Mailer is from Mars in a silver suit. At his best, Macdonald made modern American English seem like the ideal prose medium: transparent in its meaning, fun when colloquial, commanding when dignified, and always suavely rhythmic even when most committed to the demotic.

         — Clive James on Dwight Macdonald’s Masscult and Midcult: Essays Against the American Grain in the current issue of The Atlantic, read the rest of the article here