1. Masscult and Midcult & Baffler Tour Dates

    Come duke out the vexing question of massculture, middlebrow culture, and high culture with John Summers (editor of the soon-to-be-revived journal The Baffler) and his decidedly high-culture guests in Cambridge, Chicago and DC.

    Are you a snob or a democrat? Are you a democratic snob? Find out all this and more at the events below!

    October 14th:
    J.C. Gabel and John Summers at Stop Smiling Storefront, Chicago

    October 20th:
    Louis Menand and John Summers at Harvard Bookstore, Cambridge

    October 22nd:
    Andrew Ferguson, Chris Lehmann, and John Summers at Politics and Prose Bookstore, Washington DC

  2. If you live in NYC come to this tonight. →

    John Summers, editor of The Baffler, has put together a collection Dwight Macdonald’s best essays for our original book, Masscult and Midcult. Tonight, he’ll be discussing Macdonald and his legacy at McNally Jackson bookstore in Soho.