1. Arvind Krishna Mehrotra on Arun Kolatkar

    Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, whose interpretation of the work of Kabir we published to much acclaim earlier this year (In The NY Times, August Kleinheider said it brought Kabir “to life in English for the first time”), was interviewed for a radio program about the poem-cycle Jejuri by his friend and colleague Arun Kolatkar. Admirers of Songs of Kabir should have a peek at Arun Kolatkar as well. Both Indian poets confess to a love of the blues (“Hound Dog,” a particular favorite) and American popular idiom in general (see Kolatkar’s famously cranky list of influences).

    The program also includes some readings from Jejuri and will be available until the end of December 2011.

    Listen now.

    Design freaks will also be interested in the discussion of Kolatkar as one of the most distinguished men of Indian graphic design and advertising. He was also a bit of a star cover designer as well. Some examples of his work can be seen here.