1. Classics & Coffee Club Long Weekend Blowout Post + Contest

    The above photographs were sent in by a true believer who appears to  have too much time (or maybe just coffee) on his hands. No matter—his enthusiastic themed pairings of cup and book have inspired us to offer a free copy of Memoirs of Montparnasse to the first person who correctly identifies the link between that book and and its accompanying cup.

    • You must email your response to this address
    • You must live (or have a mailing address) in the US or Canada

    And don’t forget: if you have a picture of an NYRB Classic with coffee or tea show it to us. Send it to this address and we’ll post it here (making you an honorary member of the Classics and Coffee Club).

    Anne writes in to say: “Glassco was Canadian” but what she doesn’t say is: So was Tim Horton (of the eponymous chain).

  2. Getting Gallant

    I laughed, but I was the only one to do so. No one else seemed to know that this was a bit of Canadian gallows humor.

    Over at Hazlitt, Michelle Dean goes to a tribute to (the still living) Mavis Gallant at KGB bar, helpfully explicating some references in Gallant’s stories that may be obscure to Americans and correcting Wallace Shawn’s pronunciation of “Raymond.”