1. Now On Sale: The Burning of the World


    Then I raced to the bathing station. It was all shut up, and on its wall was a notice which listed call-up dates by year of birth. I was to report for service at Veszprém— Veszprém!— with the Thirty-First Regiment of the Royal Hungarian Army by the fourth of August. I stared at the poster as if I had just suffered a stroke, reading it over and over, until I realized that I was just looking at the words rather than taking in the meaning.

    Only one word mattered: war.

    —from the beginning of The Burning of the World, a recently-discovered memoir of World War I by artist Béla Zombory-Moldován. The Burning of the World—which was translated from Hungarian by the author’s own grandson, Peter Zombory-Moldovan—is now on sale.

    There’s a story behind the photo on the cover of this book. Learn more about that here.


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