1. "Beautiful, violent poetry": A sequence from Buzzati’s Poem Strip

    Comic Book Resources has posted a very sharp dissection of an action sequence from Dino Buzzati’s Poem Strip. Here’s a bit, but it’s worth reading the whole thing.

    "It’s striking to see kinetic, moment-to-moment storytelling from an outside-comics artist like Buzzati (who only ever made one entry into sequential art) — this is obviously not the work of someone who learned to block out a fight by standing at the foot of a journeyman cartoonist’s drawing table or poring through Mort Meskin back issues.  Yet it gets so much of the grammar so right while evading the cliche musclebound drawing mannerisms, and beside that it brings an exhilarating sense of newness onto the page, a feeling that physical conflict and motion in space has never been done quite this way in comics before.  It’s beautiful, violent poetry."

    50 Watts (an image blog recently profiled at The Atlantic by Steven Heller) has also posted a selection of images from Poem Strip.


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