1. Jan Morris on Sex

    In the memoir Conundrum, Jan Morris, who lived the first 35 years of her life as a man before beginning a decade-long process of sex change, confesses a total disinterest in sexual particulars. She preferred ‘pleasures that were neither penile nor vaginal. Intercourse seemed to me a tool, a reproductive device, and at the same time, in its symbolical fusion of bodies, a kind of pledge or surrender, not to be given lightly, still less thrown away in masquerade.’ There is perhaps no clearer summary of the literary stance on sexuality than Morris’s: sex is too coarse and mechanistic to be worth description, and yet its symbolic value is so sacred it must stand for the interconnectednessof all beings.

    Michael Thomsen from his article titled "Great Artists Make Lousy Lovers" in the Hazlitt blog. If you’re interest in Jan Morris’s other writings may we suggest Hav, a fictive travel book that introduces you to a place where time stood still, until corporations realized its economy potential.


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