1. The Summer Book—An Underrated Book You Should Read

    Depending on what kind of kid you were, you may know Finnish author Tove Jansson as the author of the delightful Moomin books — but in our opinion, her success with children’s books has overshadowed her beautiful, glistening prose for adults, particularly The Summer Book, a collection of twenty-two vignettes on the nature of summer, each one its own perfect bauble to be cherished and shined once a year.

    —Emily Temple, for an article titled "10 Underrated Books Everyone Should Read" in Flavorwire. The Summer Book has been a not-so-secret favorite for many NYRB Classics super-fans and staff. And if this doesn’t pull you in, Buzzfeed points out that Tove Jansson is one of "30 Renowned Authors Inspired By Cats." 


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    I adore this book!!!! Read it aloud to someone you love.
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