1. Publication Day for Ride a Cockhorse

    All impulse control is gone. Soon she [the protagonist Frankie Fitzgibbons] is cruising the town at night in her dented Honda, stalking the drum major and eventually—triumphantly—seducing him. Her dress sense sharpens, and she goes in for a sleeker, more glamorous style in clothes and makeup; before long she is the image of the ruthless capitalist, 1980s-style. She assumes a hectoring tone with the hapless ‘welshers,’ as she describes them, who are late with their mortgage payments. ‘Whom do you think you’re dealing with?  Your local grocer?  We’re your bank!’ she roars over the phone to one lady who’s been trying to soft-soap her. ‘We’re not talking about your snowblower or your refrigerator. We’re talking about your house. If you can’t show me good faith, I’ll turn it over to Maloney and Halpern for foreclosure proceedings.’ 

    It’s the day you’ve all be waiting for, Raymond Kennedy’s Ride a Cockhorse is finally out. We wanted to share some funny lines from the book, but there were too many to choose from and without context the humor doesn’t really work. So instead we’ve taken the above paragraph from today’s review by Brooke Allen in the B&N Review. However, we did want to make a couple points about this book: 1. It’s absolutely hilarious, 2. It’s about banking, small-town New England banking no less, and still hilarious, and 3. The title comes from the famous English nursery rhyme “Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross”, but if you sniggered when you read it, don’t worry you won’t be disappointed—Tristram Shandy’s got nothing on Frankie Fitzgibbons.


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